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THC Differentiation Pathway

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During infection, T and B-lymphocytes recognize microbes by means of antigen-specific cell-surface receptors. The humoral immune response is mediated by B cells and the antibodies they produce. T-lymphocyte response to antigenic challenges is called the cellular immune response. T-lymphocytes can be categorized and functionally divided into CD4+ (T-helper lymphocytes) cells and CD8+ (cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) by the type of antigen receptors and a small number of accessory markers on their cell surface. There are three different classes of CD4+ T-lymphocytes, or helper T cells: TH1, TH2 and TH3) (Ref.1). The abbreviations TH1 (T-helper Cell type 1) and TH2 (T-Helper Cell type 2) refer to CD4+ alpha-beta TCR T-Cell subsets that provide help to cells of both the innate and adaptive immune [...]


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