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TOB in T-Cell Signaling

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Efficient ligation of the TCR (T-Cell Receptor) by high-density Antigen can generate a productive T-Cell response and result in cytokine secretion and clonal expansion that is crucial for an optimal immune response. TCR stimulation may provoke different cell responses (proliferation, anergy to subsequent stimuli, cell death) in mature circulating T-Cells (Ref.1). Deregulation of T-Cell function, whether by defect or by excess, may result in dire consequences for us i.e., immunodeficiency and autoimmunity respectively. If the T-Cell response is too great and activation of unstimulated cells and self-responsive cells is not suppressed, then it may give rise to autoimmune disorders or tissue injury. Therefore, regulation of T-Cell activation and maintenance of the T-Cells in quiescent and unresponsive state is an essential [...]


1.Tob is a negative regulator of activation that is expressed in anergic and quiescent T cells.
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2.Identification of the Anti-proliferative protein Tob as a MAPK substrate.
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