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Threonine Metabolism in C. jejuni RM1221

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The genome of C. jejuni RM1221 (Campylobacter jejuni RM1221) is a single circular chromosome, 1,777,831 bp in length, with an average G+C content of 30.31 percent. There are a total of 1,884 predicted coding regions in the genome with an average ORF (Open Reading Frame) length of 885 bp. The genomic structure of C. jejuni RM1221 is syntenic with the genome of C. jejuni NCTC11168. C. jejuni RM1221 is isolated from a chicken carcass. There are a number of unique features present in C. jejuni RM1221, which do not occur in the previously sequenced C. jejuni strain NCTC11168, including the colonization and invasion factors, unique LOS (Lipooligosaccharide) and capsule loci, and other unique ORFs. In general, the Gram-negative, slender spiral-shaped, [...]


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