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Toll Comparative Pathway

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During inflammation, which results from tissue injury, infection, or autoimmune diseases, such as RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), cells release inflammatory mediators that give rise to the symptoms of inflammation. These symptoms include vascular changes, such as increased blood flow, and extravasations and activation of leukocytes. Inflammation can be triggered when proteins known as TLRs (Toll-Like Receptors) detect specific patterns of molecules derived from bacteria or viruses. The TLRs, which are expressed on the surface of cells of the immune system, are at the front line in the fight against invading microorganisms. In response to TLR engagement, an intracellular signaling cascade is set off that leads to the production of intercellular messenger proteins called cytokines (Ref.1).

Toll-like members differ from those in [...]


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