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Transcription of mRNA

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Transcription is the process through which a DNA sequence is enzymatically copied by an RNA polymerase to produce a complementary RNA. Transcription can also be defined as a process that transcribes genetic information from DNA into RNA. In eukaryotes, it takes place in the nucleus, mitochondria and chloroplast. Transcription is performed by DNA-directed RNA Polymerases. Unlike DNA Polymerases, RNA Polymerases do not need a primer to start the reaction. While Bacteria contain only 1 RNA Polymerase, there are 3 different RNA polymerases in eukaryotic cells, which catalyze the synthesis of three types of RNA. RNA Pol-I (RNA Polymerase-I) is located in the nucleolus and transcribes rRNA (ribosomal RNA). RNA Pol-II (RNA Polymerase-II) is localized to the nucleus, and transcribes mRNA [...]


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