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Transendothelial Migration of Leukocytes

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The endothelium functions as a semipermeable barrier,regulating tissue fluid homeostasis and transmigration of leukocytes and providing essential nutrients across the vessel wall.Transport of plasma proteins and solutes across the endothelium involves two different routes: one transcellular,via caveolae-mediated vesicular transport, and the other paracellular, through interendothelial junctions. The permeability of the endothelial barrier is an exquisitely regulated process in the resting state and in response to extracellular stimuli and mediators.The migratory properties of leukocytes or WBCs (White Blood Cells) are indispensable to drive immune responses throughout the body.To ensure migration to the proper locations, the trafficking of leukocytes is tightly regulated. The vascular endothelium lining the intima of the blood vessels (both in lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues) regulates a variety of [...]


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