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UVA-Induced MAPK Signaling

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Solar UV (Ultraviolet) irradiation is the most important environmental carcinogen leading to the development of skin cancers. UV irradiation can cause DNA and protein damage, which in part accounts to oxidative damage. The carcinogenesis of UV is caused by deficit in pyrimidine dimers repair pathway or UV induced MAPK pathway disorder. UV radiation (100 and 400 nm) is divided into at least three different categories based on wavelength: UVA (Ultraviolet-A), UVB (Ultraviolet-B) and UVC (Ultraviolet-C). UVA has the longest wavelength (315–400 nm), lowest energy (3.1-3.9 eV) and UVC has the shortest wavelength (200–280 nm), highest energy (4.3-6.5 eV). UVA is the major component (about 95%) of the UV part of sunlight that reaches the Earth s surface. Recently UVA [...]


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