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West Nile Virus Replication

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WNV (West Nile Virus) is a single-stranded positive-polarity RNA virus and the etiologic agent of West Nile encephalitis. It is a member of the Japanese encephalitis virus antigenic group within the family Flaviviridae, which can cause fatal encephalitis associated with damage to the CNS (Central Nervous System) in humans and animals. Wild birds are the natural reservoir (amplifying) hosts, and WNV transmission cycle primarily involving Culex sp mosquitoes. Initially isolated in 1937, it is now recognized as one of the most widely distributed flaviviruses, endemic in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Since 1999, the virus has been recognized in North America by causing an epizootic among birds and horses and an epidemic of meningitis and encephalitis [...]


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