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miRNA in Cancer

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Over the last decade, a growing number of non-coding transcripts have been found to have roles in gene regulation and RNA processing. The most well known small non-coding RNAs are the miRNAs/miRs (microRNAs), which have been found to be involved in human tumorigenesis, revealing a new layer in the molecular architecture of cancer. Gene expression studies have shown that hundreds of miRNAs are deregulated in cancer cells, and functional studies have clarified that miRNAs are involved in all the molecular and biologic processes that drive tumorigenesis. miRNAs constitute a large class of phylogenetically conserved single-stranded RNA molecules of 19 to 25 nucleotides playing major role in post-transcriptional gene silencing by translational repression or mRNA cleavage (Ref. 1). Till date more [...]


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