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siRNA Pathway in Drosophila and S.pombe

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siRNAs (Small interfering RNAs) have gained much attention for their powerful ability to suppress gene expression. Introduction of dsRNA (double-stranded RNA), that are homologous in sequence to a gene, has proven to suppress that gene’s expression through a process known as RNAi (RNA interference). The basic mechanism behind RNAi is the breaking of a dsRNA matching a specific gene sequence into siRNA. These siRNAs are 21–23nt dsRNA duplexes with symmetric 2–3nt 3 overhangs and 5 -phosphate and 3 -hydroxyl groups, which trigger the degradation of mRNA that match its sequence (Ref.1). Interference of gene expression by siRNA is now recognized as a naturally occurring biological strategy for silencing alleles during development in plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates. siRNAs appears to suppress gene expression [...]


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