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Protein Hydroplotter

Search Protein

Search for a Protein or paste a Protein Sequence at the Enter Protein Sequence text area. If you don't have any sequence then you can search for the sequence by typing either the Gene name or the GenBank Number.

Choose Protein Sequence

You can select the sequence from Gene information diplay page by clicking on 'Select Sequence' button, which will automatically refresh the Protein Hydoplotter page and place the Gene information in appropriate input boxes.

Protein Sequence With Antigenicity

Select region on line graph and it will highlight the corresponding area on the sequence panel.

You can see the 'Hydrophobicity' (hightlighted red) when you select a region on the plot area for Antigenecity , Hydrophobicity & Hydrophilicity

Hydrophobicity and Hydrophilicity

View Kyte-Doolittle Hydrophobicity and Hopp-Woods Hydrophilicity Plots together for easy comparision


Interactive Line graph based on Kyte-Doolittle hydrophobicity scale.


Interactive Line graph based on Hopp-Woods hydrophilicity scale.

More than just the graphs

You can get to see the properties of complete sequence or the selected fragment by click of a button & generate PDF reports for your experiment

Amino Acid Properties

You can also view important properties of complete sequence or selected fragment in a separate pop-up window

Powerful, advanced features

Antigenecity graph

Given a sequence of aminoacids, this program computes and plots the antigenicity along the polypeptide chain.

Sequence properties

Interactive Bar chart with information like, Molecular Weight, Charge (N and C termini not blocked) and Isoelectric Point.

View fragment properties

Veiw properties of selected fragment like Antigenicity Index, Hydrophobicity Index, Hydrophilicity Index with all graphs.

Take pdf print out

Generate PDF report of your project containing selected fragment, it's Antigenicity Index, Hydrophobicity Index, Hydrophilicity Index with all graphs.