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Glycine and Serine Metabolism in N. europaea

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Nitrosomonas europaea  is a gram-negative obligate chemolithoautotroph that can derive all its energy and reductant for growth from the oxidation of ammonia to nitrite. Nitrosomonas europaea participates in the biogeochemical N cycle in the process of nitrification. Its genome consists of a single circular chromosome of 2,812,094 bp. The cell s demand for carbon has to be met almost entirely by the fixation of carbon dioxide. Additional mineral salts complete the cell s nutritional needs. Although this bacterium can incorporate small amounts of organic compounds into cellular biomass, there is an obligate requirement for oxidation of ammonia and assimilation of inorganic nutrients to support growth. Besides, Amino acids also play an important role in supporting bacterial growth. The involvement of D- and [...]


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