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RNAi Pathway

This image is a scaled-down version of the actual pathway image. It does not contain any links to the protein information pages.


RNAi (RNA interference) is broadly defined as a gene silencing pathway that is triggered by dsRNA (double-stranded RNA). The dsRNA trigger can be supplied exogenously, as an experimental tool, or can derive from the genome. RNAi involves a number of steps from biogenesis of the trigger RNA, processing of dsRNA to small RNAs and formation of an effector complex containing the small RNA which goes on to guide mRNA cleavage, translational repression and/or chromatin modifications in a sequence-specific manner. Two types of small RNA molecules – miRNA (microRNA) and siRNA (small interfering RNA) – are central to RNA interference (Ref. 1, 2 and 9). siRNAs and miRNAs are 20–25-nt RNAs involved in silencing homologous genes or their transcripts. miRNAs typically [...]


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