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Pathway Database
An extensive database of hundreds of protein signaling pathways in many organisms. The proteins in each pathway are connected to Protein Lounge’s Protein Database.
PowerPoint Pathways
An extensive database of premade signal transduction pathways for use in PowerPoint presentations. These pathways have been created using MS PowerPoint and open through the PowerPoint software, simply download the pathway slides of interest and open in PowerPoint. We have also created many PowerPoint clipart and basic biology drawing element which will allow one to create their own pathways from scratch.
Kinase - Phosphatase Database
Comprehensive database for kinases and phosphatases in various species and their peptide targets.
G protein-coupled receptor database
The world's leading GPCR information resource. G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) form a large superfamily of membrane proteins that modulate sensory perception, chemotaxis, neurotransmission, cell communication, and many other vital physiological events. Characterized by their cell-surface localization and tissue-specificity, these protein receptors are the targets of 50-60% of all existing medicines including well-known -blockers and anti-histamine therapeutics.
Transcription Factor Database including human and most model organisms
Transcription factors are encoded by a large proportion of genes in the genome of all higher organisms and are very important for controlling many biological events on a nuclear level. Transcription factors are arrange in the database by binding sites, tissue specificity and peptide targets.
Peptide Antigen Design Database
The most important aspect in the production of antibodies or drug is the design of the peptide-antigen. The peptide-antigen is a small segment (15-18 amino acids) of the protein sequence of interest. These peptide-antigens can be used for immunization in order to produce antibodies against the protein or they can be used as a basis for small-molecule/drug targeting. Protein Lounge has created the first complete Peptide-Antigen database. This database contains antigenic peptide targets against all known protein sequences throughout a variety of organisms. All peptide targets are linked to Protein Lounge’s online hyrdoplotting tool, which allows you to view an interactive version of the protein sequence on a hydrophilicity/phobicity plot. This is a necessary database for anyone working with antibody or drug development.
siRNA database
Comprehensive listing of predicted and validated siRNA sequences for efficient knock-down of RNA transcripts.
Biochemical compound database
580+ chemical entries.
Protein Database
A unique way to explore the proteome of organisms.

Pathway Builder Tool
Pathway Builder Tool is an online application, which offers you the ultimate freedom to make your own pathways using premade membranes, organelles, proteins and other necessary pathway structures. You may also modify many premade pathways to suit your needs. This is an ideal tool to help in the illustration of your publications.
Protein Hydroplotter
Protein Hydroplotter allows for the viewing of hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions of known proteins. This is an ideal tool for finding antibody and drug targets of a protein.
Peptide Finder
Peptide Antigen Finder tool finds the best antigenic peptides of a protein sequence. Hydrophilic regions of the protein sequence are screened to find the best possible peptides which can be used as antibody or drug targets.
Clone Easy
Clone Easy offers the easiest and most efficient method for PCR cloning online. Enter any sequence and choose from a library of cloning vectors and enzymes. Design primers from Genbank sequence or your own sequence. Clone Easy create compatible cloning sites for the vectors in the database.
Easy siRNA
The easiest and most accurate method of generating siRNA. Easy siRNA accounts for mRNA folding so that the siRNA fragment binds to the optimum unfolded region of mRNA. Sequence homology is also accounted for, so an siRNA is chosen which does not interfere with the other mRNAs within the cell.
Clean Compare
Clean Compare offers the cleanest and most accurate method of comparing sequences. Sequences are compared through Protein Lounge’s screened database of sequences. It produces more accurate comparison data than any other sequence comparison tool.
Protein Vision
Protein Vision for the online viewing of 3D interactive protein structures. Choose from Protein Lounge’s database of protein structures.